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Self Publishing & Consulting
Interior Book Layout | Cover Design | Editing/Proof Reading | Distribution | Sales&Marketing

With more than a decade of publishing experience, we can advise you at any stage of the publishing process.

The basic consultation Q&A Session.  The consultation is customized to meet the client's specific needs and answer any publishing related questions.  A preliminary phone interview will be conducted prior to the initial consultation.
We will set up your publishing company for you.  This takes all of the legwork out of the set-up process.  This will include a 2 Hr training session and a month of on-call phone consultation after the completion of the company set-up.


Individual Services Pricelist

Copyright Account Set-up/Registration:  $30 (doesn't include the copyright Registration fee)
ISBN Registration:  $30 (doesn't include the ISBN purchase fee)
Library of Congress Registration: $30
Cover Design: $250
Cover Photography: $300
Interior Book Layout/Design: $4 per final page
Editing: $4 per page page (in MS Word in font not smaller than 11 pt)
Proof Reading: $2 per page
Type-setting: $5 per page (written or typed)
Basic Marketing: $600 (includes 5000 flyers & bookmarks, marketing plan development)
Online Sales & Distribution: $200 (establish online sales& distribution accounts with major retailers)
Print on Demand Set-up $150 (Files must be Camera Ready and have a unique ISBN)

  For more information, feel free to email us at info@southcitybooks.com


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